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Living a fulfilling, authentic, and enjoyable life involves rising above challenges that threaten to oppress us, becoming the unique individuals we were meant to be.

Mary Mills, MA, LMHC, SUDP    |

(206) 607-8866

600 N. 36th St. #217 Seattle WA 98103 

Located in the heart of Fremont


Sometimes our instinct to rebel against oppressive forces turns inward: we mishandle interactions with work, school, food, substances, people, or power – we abuse ourselves and our mental health. Perhaps the oppressive force is a trauma, transition, relationship, job, societal belief, or self-doubt. Although trauma, depression, anxiety, and life transitions have dramatic effects on our psyche, so does our belief in our self and our ability to thrive in challenging environments. Being a rebel means rising above what we have accepted as our reality and becoming the people we have the potential to become, living the lives we want to live.

I understand the decision to seek therapy is not one you take lightly. We all need support from others when we face challenges. Having someone who can objectively listen and help re-discover your inner strength and resilience may be helpful in emerging from darkness towards a more fulfilling life. I welcome you to a complimentary 20-minute consultation to determine if my counseling services might be a good fit for you. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

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