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Mary Mills, MA, LMHC, SUDP    |

(206) 607-8866

600 N. 36th St. #217 Seattle WA 98103 

Located in the heart of Fremont

About Me

I started my journey as a counselor after years of waiting tables, realizing I had an ability to connect with people and a deep concern for the human condition. Before becoming a mental health therapist, I worked for six years as a substance use counselor, specializing in opiate use disorders and women's issues. My clients’ struggles with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and relationships inspired me to enter the field of mental health, where I work to eliminate the shame and self-stigmatization associated with these problems, opening a space for personal liberation. I graduated from Antioch University with a Master of Arts in Counseling, and completed my mental health counseling internship with Valley Cities before entering private practice.


I started Rebel Rise Counseling to increase the amount freedom and creative control I have in my life and work, and to help my clients do the same. I wanted to create a space where the client comes first, and where their truth is respected. I enjoy addressing a broad range of human struggles in my practice and welcome diversity in the clientele I serve.


My counseling approach is inspired by existentialism, feminism, social justice, Eastern philosophy, and cognitive science. In other words, I focus on how and where you can find meaning, interpersonal connection, and freedom in your life, while recognizing the cultural context you experience them in is unique to you and your identity. My ultimate goal is to help you reduce your suffering, develop mastery over your problems, and find joy in your life where it exists.

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