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Common Questions

What should I expect my first appointment?


Your first appointment will be spent getting to know you, what brings you in to counseling, and what your desired outcome is. I will ask you how you think I can help. If you’re not sure, that’s okay! You will have an opportunity to ask additional questions about how I work, and we will review forms and scheduling options. As every client arrives with a unique set of concerns and characteristics, your therapy experience will be tailored to your needs.



How long do people stay in counseling?


People generally stay in counseling anywhere from a few months to a few years. The length of the counseling relationship often depends on the severity of the problem and need for support, and usually ends when the problem has become manageable. When you have achieved your goals in counseling, we will discuss terminating the relationship, but you can leave counseling at any time for any reason.


Who do you see in your practice?


I see clients with mental health concerns, substance use concerns, and clients with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders (also called dual diagnosis).  I carry Washington State licenses in both mental health and substance use counseling. Many of my clients have no serious mental health or addiction issues, but just need help and support to get through a difficult time, or to gain perspective about a particular situation. 


I specialize in working with individual adults ages 18+; however, I will see adolescents age 14+ and couples on a case by case basis, and only if we believe I am the best person to serve you. If I believe another counselor may be better able to serve you and your specific needs, I will provide you with a referral.



Do you offer telecounseling? 


During the Covid-19 crisis I am offering teletherapy video sessions for both new intakes and regular sessions. Premera is currently waiving co-pays and deductibles for teletherapy sessions, so if you have Premera insurance, you will pay nothing out of pocket for the time being. If you decide to pay cash, I may be able to offer you a sliding scale discount. Please contact me with additional questions


What is Sliding Scale? 

Sliding scale is a negotiable payment scale for individuals without insurance or ability to pay my full rate. I have a limited number of sliding scale appointments available. You may be able to qualify for a sliding-scale rate if you are on Medicaid, a full-time student, income-challenged, or have undergone a recent financial hardship. Sliding scale fees generally range from between $70 and $120 per session depending on your situation. Clients who ask about or receive a sliding scale discount are granted the same quality of service and professionalism as clients paying the full rate. 


What are my privacy rights?


As a licensed counselor, it is my legal and ethical duty to maintain your confidentiality. I will not share your information with anyone unless you have signed a legal document permitting me to do so. There are a few circumstances when the law requires confidentiality to be breached, such as indication of child or elder abuse/neglect, or threat of harm to one’s self or others. Further information about your privacy rights is provided in my disclosure statement and HIPPA notification under the “forms’ tab.